English Language Trip – An hour from home? Yes!


Covid, covid, covid… Corona has ruined more than one school trip in the past two years, so we were wondering, would our language trip be next? The answer is – no! Even though going to Britain wasn’t possible we went to Mondsee and spent a week talking English to four natives.

After breakfast in the morning, we had English classes from 9 to 12:30. Dan, our group´s “home” teacher from South Africa had some great jokes, he really tried to get to know us as individuals and guess what? I even learned quite a lot of new things about my classmates.

Of course, this wasn’t the only thing we did. On Tuesday we were taught some fun sports like golf – which turned out to be way more difficult than I had expected – or another game with water balloons and bed sheets. There were two groups, each carrying their own bed sheet. After we had coordinated ourselves as well as we could, one balloon was placed on one of the beddings and the students tried to throw it to the other group, who then gave their best to catch it. In the end our group even managed to pass two balloons … .

The afternoon we spent creating short films turned out to be quite a positive experience, since we had some fun ideas and watching all the videos in the evening, all of us, the students, teachers and natives, had a great, great laugh!

All in all, I can say I really enjoyed the week!

Julia Winkoff, 6B


Mondsee_2 Mondsee_3 Mondsee_1